Friday, June 3, 2011

Rocket Festival – Getting Ready

Rocket Festivals are held throughout Thailand as a sort of prayer for rain. The rockets are shot up into the clouds, encouraging (cajoling) the clouds to release water. They are held in May and June, the beginning of the rainy season. In my Amphur, it is a 3-day celebration complete with a parade, a beauty contest for the best King and Queen, a contest for the rocket that shoots the highest and a contest for the rocket that goes the furthest. Villages win money for the best parade presentation and for having the best King and Queen. Major betting takes place during the rocket competitions. I have been warned repeatedly to stay back from the rockets and don’t stay out late…too much drinking!
Here is my office getting ready for the big event, the traditional start of all special occasions!

We were serenaded by these gentlemen as we worked!

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