Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Library Update

Went to the city yesterday (Roi-et) and bought book shelves! They look great. Waiting for the walls to be painted and the old furniture (it was previously a bank) to be moved out. We are at about 290 books – the beginnings of a fabulous library! Darien Book Aid came through last week with 30 books and the Soroptimists in BKK have a box in the mail. They are holding a book drive once the flooding is gone in the city. Some neighborhoods are still under water.

Pan and Focus playing with Maisy's Pop-up Playhouse

The new library building on a Tuesday when the dalat expands. I have been told once the library opens, vendors will not be right in front. The awning is new.

Art work from 2 girls who checked out How to Draw books.

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