Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Visit


Started the day with language class and then Cross Cultural training. We rotated through 4 stations covering living in a Thai home: laundry, eating, bathroom, and bed time. One more language class and our host families arrived! I was excited and very nervous. My family consists of a grandmother and grandfather and grandson, Khun Si Sue Knee, Sa Kon, and Heart – spelling mine. She called me her little sister because I am older! I was introduced to many of her neighbors who all wanted an English lesson so I taught them English and they taught me Thai.
My home has a restaurant in the front. They have electricity and more TVs than I have in my home in the States. They have a kitty that the street dogs constantly harass. They have 2 pigs and a guinea pig also. The home is a combination of Thai and western ways, so the training today did not totally apply, for instance they have a western toilet and a spray shower. I will not miss living with a squat toilet or bucket showers and I am getting used to cold showers (sort of).  Dogs are everywhere. At night it is constant barking and growling. They seem to rule the night.
I think my dismal Thai frustrates my host and she is not sure what to do with me! Me neither! 

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