Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Public Health Parade

My first day back at site we had a Public Health Parade and Program to promote two ideas:
1 -The importance of iodine in salt – Lack of iodine in salt has been identified as a reason for low IQ scores by Thai children. There is a public health campaign to educate people on the issue and encourage them to buy salt with iodine. When I bought salt it was iodized and apparently more and more that is the case. At this event, everyone was given small packets of salt. The attendees at the event included government officials and health volunteers, two groups who probably are already aware of the issue. The goal is for them to spread the word.
2 – The importance of aerobic exercise – When Kayley was here, we attended a small part of a 2 day workshop for health volunteers to teach them to become aerobic instructors. I think most of them had already had some experience leading exercise classes. The health station near my home has sporadically held aerobic classes. At this program, an instructor from the provincial government led a class for the parade attendees. First time for me to do aerobics with an audience! This week a new program is being launched with free aerobics classes offered Monday – Friday afternoons. The first class was 5:30 pm today with a good turnout, all ages.
Thai public health continues to impress me.

My office participating in the parade

Health volunteers

Health volunteers trained as aerobics instructors

Always the official proclamations!

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