Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Returning to Post

I spent three weeks home with my mom. Never one to put things off, she got a lot done quickly. Closets were cleaned and organized, stuff given to the thrift shop, and yes even time and inclination for a little fun. Family members and friends came and went, all there to help mom ease into her new life. 60 years is a lifetime together, it will be difficult and lonely for her. She will continue her volunteer work at the hospital and will be busy taking care of our sick puppy, Kabi Jo. When she is ready, she will travel. I hope to see her in Thailand.
It was difficult to leave, maybe harder than the first time six months ago. Hard to say why, but probably because even though it is now a known entity, the knowing can be tough. I think the isolation is the hardest part. Struggling with the language means communicating can be a chore, working is more difficult and social interaction limited. Also, leaving mom and my kids after losing my dad is an emotional trial, for all of us. Seeing family and friends hit home how much I miss everyone.
So…why am I returning? Thoughts range from an unfinished job, miss my Thai friends and don’t want to let them down, and maybe a little pride (I finish what I start). My dad said that I would not leave early – he knew me well. It helps knowing that I will return in three months for Kristine’s wedding. Also, I joined the PC because I was not satisfied with my life in the states. I felt like I was treading water for the last three and a half years and needed to shake things up. PC Thailand is certainly doing that for me. I definitely feel challenged and am not treading water!
Some highlights from my trip home (I missed lots of photo opportunities. If anyone has some to share, please send them!):

Our send off from Thailand by our Thai friends

Kayaking with KayKay, Kabi Jo, and Diana

Taking the sky chair up the mountain and hiking down. You would think a big tree in the trail would be a clue we were going the wrong way!

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