Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thai Elections Some More

The local election is this Sunday so it is heating up around here!

What is interesting about this picture is how modern these gals are, and I am not talking about the video camera and nikon camera and tripod! One has on a tank top, VERY rare in these parts and one has her sunglasses on her head, a very farang thing to do and I have never seen it done in my village - except for me.

the entire office staff has been pulled to work on the election. Every ballot is checked and every page stamped as approved. This is Tuesday and will continue until the election on Sunday.

At 3:30 the students walked to the market to hear the candidates. NO candidates showed! The students had some snacks and went home. Two hours later, no kidding, the candidates showed up. Each block of candidates(3 of them)had an hour to make their case to the audience. Last year, the forum was held at the tessabaan office and no one came. This year it was outside the market and about 300 people came. I think my balat was pretty happy about that. The election board was there also and reminded everyone how to run a clean election. They are really trying.

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