Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thai Hospitality

I mentioned to my tutor and friend, Kruu Rath, that I was going to Surin to bpai tiao with PCVs and she said she had a friend who lived near there and would be happy to take me. So Thai to extend hospitality so easily and freely. It never occurred to her that he might not want to or would not be available. Sure enough he said yes and declined my offer to pay for the gas. His comment was that I was a guest in his country and he would be honored to take me.
The drive took three hours to his home, an hour longer than usual, because we stopped along the way and saw monkeys at a Wat and ruins at several locations. He lives in my village during the week with his dad, teaching math at the school and helping his father grow rice. On the weekends he visits his wife who lives with her parents. Most of the village is her family of 10 siblings. I spent the night and was the guest of honor. We shared photographs of families and homes and vacations. On Mothers’ Day, they gave me a corsage! So sweet and made me feel very special. In the morning they drove me into Surin and would not leave the hotel until I connected with my friends. What is amazing about Thailand is that this is not unusual; it is a way of life. Fruit shows up at my house, ka-noms (sweets) arrive at my desk and an umbrella appears on my bike in the rain. It is Thai!

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