Tuesday, September 20, 2011

English Camp

A PC tradition, I believe worldwide, is to have an English Camp. This is typically a 2 – 3 day affair when several PCVs get together and teach English to students. The goal is for the students to have fun while learning English to motivate them to continue their studies. Lots of games are played as vocabulary is taught – Simon Says, Hokey Pokey, Red Light – Green Light, Musical Chairs variations, etc. The vocabulary at this camp was the human body, fruits and vegetables, greetings and introductions, clothing, and action verbs. The students were from 5 schools all concentrated in the Saraburi Province in Central Thailand and were 10 – 13 years old. We had 5 PCVs. I took a bus 7 hours to get there but I wanted to leave on a Friday afternoon and there was no bus back. I had to go to Bangkok first, the wrong direction, on a 3 hour bus, hang out at the bus station for 3 hours, and then take a 10 hour bus over night up to my site! Traveling in Thailand…always an adventure. It was my first camp and I enjoyed it very much. I met 2 PCVs from Group 122 (the group ahead of mine), Zerina (it was her camp) and Kari and got to work with Dom and Jacob.

Zerina, Dom, Jacob, Kari

Teaching the human body

Receiving a thank you gift from the paw aw (principal) of a towel and 1,000B. The 1,000B is not really payment (PCVs cannot accept payment) but to help cover expenses of coming to the camp, primarily transportation and food (oh, and a little wine!)

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