Saturday, September 10, 2011

TC Children’s English Library

First two boxes of books arrived this week! What a joy - for me, for my co-workers, and mostly for the children. Friday night, I cataloged the first 60 books (12% to our goal of 500 books) so Saturday I would be ready for the story time kids to check them out. We did the flannel board story Itsy Bitsy Spider first – we always do one new story. For the second story, they take turns choosing a story. Today, Zaw chose 5 Green and Speckled Frogs (a favorite). Then I showed them the library and explained in my oh so inadequate Thai that this is the new haung sa mut and they could check out the books. Usually one mom stays during story time who speaks English which is very helpful – she wasn’t here today. But…they got it and all nine checked out books. Well hopefully they got it, we’ll see if they come back with a book in hand!
In my mind 2 success stories stand out. Donus, a shy girl of about 9, took her English storybook to school to sing a song for her teacher (5 Little Ducks). Her teacher was astounded! Donus has very little confidence in school, especially so in English. Nont comes to storytime with his older brother and younger and very cute sister. Stuck in the middle (like the Green Kangaroo and KayKay), Nont is rather shy and did not volunteer (not like KayKay!) to help with the stories. In fact, when we played Duck, Duck, Goose after reading that story, he would not be the goose. The last 2 story times he has volunteered to help with the flannel board and did the hand gestures of the stories (Itsy Bitsy Spider today) and when one of the girls suggested we play Duck, Duck, Goose, he enthusiastically participated.
I hope all you book donors are giving yourselves a pat on the back – you are doing good work!!
PS Sunday, the first book came back and she checked out another! We’re on a roll.

A group with their story books. We add to it each week with the new story.

First books checked out!

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