Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local Administration Sports Day

Sports Days are big in Thailand. Schools have them, tessabaans get together with other tessabaans and have them and earlier this week, our local government had one. Soccer, volleyball, ta kraw and botchi ball were all serious competition with bragging rights and trophies at stake. I played soccer, very poorly, but about average for my team. The guys played serious soccer as opposed to the gals who were fairly pathetic! Everyone was much better at volleyball. The afternoon ended with a party complete with Chinese hot pot cooking, karaoke, dancing and lots of drinking!

This is the nayok (mayor) playing takraw. A small hallow ball made of plastic (formerly bamboo) is sent over the net by kicking or heading. Tough game!

The ref and Director of Education

Hospitality courtesy of the youngest females, always

Photos above and below are dancers. These guys were great!

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