Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life in moobaan 17

It has been quite a week in my house in my village.

I've previously talked about my tookay and how sad I was last fall when he disappeared. When I moved in there were 2 and then there was one and then none. I missed the nightly good night call "tookay,tookay, tookay" very loud and frequent. But it was a reminder that my guard tookay was on duty and all was well. So, I was very excited a couple of weeks ago when he returned.

I was also just a little smug. My tookay knew that his place was on my front porch and not in my house like some other PCV tookays. Then, this little tookay showed up in my bathroom! Right next to my shower. A little disconcerting, but he seems harmless.

I was thinking recently that as the hot season gets into high gear, the centipedes will return and right on schedule:

So much for this bath water!

I headed out the door to work and was greeted by a swarm of bees and blood on my front porch. My first thought was Oh No, my tookay, but he was fine. I asked by balat who to call for the bees and she said she would send the firemen to check it out, of course! And they would also look at the blood (she suggested a gecko and I said too much blood for a gecko and another gal said a menstruating dog and I said too much blood for that too). The firemen said there were no bees but "like bees" and they would go away when it gets hot (seriously, how hot does it have to get!)and they asked my neighbors about the blood and they said there was a serious cat fight that night. Sad.

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