Sunday, May 1, 2011

Health Conference

I had the good fortune to attend a health conference with fellow PCV Bobby last week. While the conference itself was very frustrating due to the language barrier and lack of adequate translation, there were a few aspects of the experience that made it a worthwhile two days. I would have loved to understand, because the topic, healthy lifestyles focusing on nutrition and exercise, is an area I want to hear more about.
At the close of the first day, we walked through the village (it was about half an hour from my home) to six homes. The walk itself was lovely as the village is clean and houses well kept with beautiful gardens surrounded by bamboo fencing. By far the nicest village I have visited. Each house we visited had amazing displays of fruits and vegetables and locally made food and crafts. I bought my first floor mat from the weavers, an essential item in a Thai household.
On the tour we met Michael, an Englishman living in the village for 9 years with every intention of staying. He is married to a Thai woman and has a very cute little girl. He has built two beautiful homes and is a favorite among the locals. He was very funny and took lots of credit for cleaning the village up, including the tremendously reduced consumption of whiskey – which is why the party was fun, everyone behaved! The party included a string ceremony, lots of Thai food of course, and Thai dancing. Very fun! I stayed in a home with two other conference attendees. Day 2 started at 4 a.m. with an exercise class!

Old tires are recycled as planters. You see them everywhere.

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