Friday, May 6, 2011

Home Blessing

The ghosts are gone and I was moved by the lovely ceremony on my behalf. Five monks, including the head monk of the largest local wat, spent the morning at my house along with 50 or so guests. Lots of chanting by the monks and the lay chanter (don’t know what else to call him, but he is always present at a monk ceremony) with occasional references to me at which point everyone looked at me and smiled. The head monk then walked through every room in my house, sprinkling people and rooms with blessed water, making my house safe and secure to move in. Lots of food, a string ceremony and I am in! Not quite settled, but in.
I still get questions 3 days later – do I want company at night, am I scared, what numbers am I dreaming about (apparently I am missing a lottery opportunity here, not dreaming about numbers, disappointing lots of hopefuls)!

Monks chanting and preparing to eat. They eat first and can only eat until noon each day.

The string ceremony with the lay chanter beginning the process with me. The only English he spoke was my name (referring to notes) and Come Here! to tell me where to sit! My host family is sitting next to me.

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