Sunday, May 8, 2011


First weekend in, making it my own! Windows and most doors are washed, bathroom cleaned, and the front yard is raked. Miles to go, but it is a start. A successful trip to the hardware store resulted in tools and gardening tools. The owner of the store is very nice and very patient with my Thai. I asked for suan kruang-muu, thinking I was asking for gardening tools and he showed me a power drill. Suan means garden and drill! Those tones are always getting me in trouble!
Lots of kids in the neighborhood, very curious about the farang. I get help sweeping and cooking and company going to the dalat (outdoor market).
A man came by and informed me that my street is being sprayed for mosquitoes next week or maybe he said do I want my house painted! Ambiguity is the status quo…

My mattress was very popular!

Putting my bed frame together

Kitchen helpers

My bathroom

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