Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning in Thailand

I tried to sleep in a little (set the alarm for 7:30). You can't really sleep in here, too noisy and someone will come to the door. At 6:30 I heard a conversation at my door. Thais don't knock they stand at your door for awhile and talk and call your name. I didn't respond, so Jim (my neighbor and aerobics teacher) came to my bedroom window (“Kar - Jim ka”). I thought about ignoring her, but she is so nice and I knew she would stand there for a long time waiting for me, so I got up. She made me two very cute dish towel holders. Reminds me of what Grandma Burks used to make. So sweet. I don't know why she had to deliver them so early, but still, very sweet. So it is almost 9 a.m. and I am eating breakfast and checking email and there are 2 little girls peeking through the front door crack (yes it is that big). I told them to come back in one hour, that it was too early. They stand out there for 1 hour. When I opened the door there was a Christmas card stuck in the handle from Kwan, Jim's very cute 11 year old daughter. The girls come in to color, do puzzles, write on the white board, and look at the few books I have still at home (most have moved to the library).
Skyping with my family and some PC buddies is the highlight of the day, along with my last bottle of wine. Good thing I am going to BKK for NYE!
Yes, Christmas is different. It was freezing cold, in the low 50s, which doesn't sound that cold, but it is windy and you can't keep the weather out.

Santa remembered me in Thailand!

Gifts from Jim

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