Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mid-service Conference

About half way through service, PC brings us all together for a conference and for medical appointments. We spent 2 ½ days talking about projects and what to expect the next year. The best parts were presentations by PCVs. We also saw doctors, dentists, gynecologists, etc. and spent lots of time in hospital waiting rooms. My photos tell what was really the best part!
Tammy and Taylor at Terminal 21. A shopping center where every floor is a different part of the world - very cool! This is obviously San Francisco, Tammy's last home and my next.
With Deborah and Tammy at Charlie Brown's, our favorite Mexican restaurant.
Tammy, Meghan, and Nicole. Nicole is the PC group ahead of mine, 122. She is staying in Thailand working for an environmental ngo.
Michelle and Erin, Italian that night!
With Deborah

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