Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 14!

The TC Community Library (new name!) opens for business. We have about 400 books, a newly painted room, lots of signs, 8 volunteers, an excited community, and a PCV (me!) in high gear – my best gear and last blog! Books are on the shelf, categorized, alphabetized, stamped and just about ready for check out.
Check our project out at to help fund the last leg. We are looking for $953. It is amazing how far money goes in Thailand. Being a fund raiser from the states, that amount was never on the table. What can you do with less than $1,000? LOTS in Thailand. The actual start up budget and first year operating cost is just over $10,000. The local government and donations from you in the states sending books, supplies and awards accounts for most of it. You give me goose bumps! Every time a box arrives and the office checks them out (and looks at the cost of shipping) – they are newly amazed at the generosity of Americans! I am not surprised…just very happy!!
Watch for photos of the grand opening.

Thais like signs!

They wanted the community to see how generously Americans funded the library and so this sign is hung out front. The plan is to have a permanent donor wall inside. This sign is already out of date!

Dignitaries checking us out!

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  1. Karen,
    Congratulations! What a task. I am leaving Denver today to fly to Detroit for group 124 staging tomorrow (1/8). Hope I get to meet you in Thailand, you are an inspiration.