Friday, January 13, 2012

Library Open!

Day 1 and it was Friday the 13th and I am exhausted. As are my volunteers They must be so over my to do lists, charts, surveys, forms, codes – so not Thai! But we did it! We have a library and it is great.
Today was Child’s Day in Thailand and different communities celebrate in their own style. Mine gave the kids the day off from school and had a program in the park for most of the day. The kids performed band and dancing and got a big bag of kanoms (sweets). The tessabaan gave 50 exemplar students 1,000 baht each (about $33). Kruu Rath (my tutor and friend) and I gave a talk about the library, encouraging students and parents to use the library, go to storytime and join the Reading Club.
So we had less business than I had hoped. I was told that was because most of them were in the park all day and after that they were tired. Four adults and 7 children got library cards and 7 books were checked out. The good news is that 4 of the kids were new to me, I did not know them. We had informal storytime in the afternoon as kids came and went – it was fun with the new ones – they ooed and awed at the stories, never having seen flannel stories before. I’m hoping they come back tomorrow for the regular storytime. I am planning a contest for the primary school to encourage students to join the Reading Club. Will keep you posted.
I am already missing storytime at my house. The flannel board is gone along with the name tags and box of stories – I have made 22 stories plus 24 letter poems – I have been working hard on this project. They are pretty cool! Makes me feel like I am already moving out. I’m thinking my maps should go too, but I will wait a while for that.
Day 2 tomorrow. I am hoping to get this project working like a well oiled machine so I can go on to the next (did I hear you groan?). Lots of ideas and so little time!!
Thank you! xoxo

The work of organizing never stops!

Child's Day above and below.

First 2 kids to get a library card!!

The mom of the little girl in pink didn't want a library card...the little girl hung out all afternoon...a work in progress!

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