Thursday, February 3, 2011


We made merit with 2 monks this morning. At 6 in the morning, the monks walk down the street with a pot for rice and a satchel for other food items. You wait for them with a tray with a bowl of rice and other food and drink (lots!) You are supporting the monks and the Wat and making an offering to encourage good fortune. Women are not to touch the monks, so you carefully give them the items, but no touching. Only men are monks and about 60% of adult male Thais become a monk at some point. They can do so anywhere from a few months (think of it as part of their spiritual growth) to a lifetime commitment. Women can be nuns, a lot less common. You see monks everyday (I was in line with one at the 7/11 today!) and have never seen a nun.
Street vendors are everywhere, stationary or with goods on the back of motorcycles or bikes. Tonight, one came by with a cook top to make Roti, an amazingly delicious Indian dessert. He fried thinly hand stretched sweet dough, dropped an egg on top, fried some more, folded it in half, added some flavor, folded again and fried some more. DELICIOUS served with mangos. The PC doctor said the vendors are fine to buy from as long as the items are cooked and fruits and vegetables are peeled. The Thai fruit is amazing!

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