Monday, February 14, 2011

2-12 to 2-13

Mid Term Progress Review went well – I get to stay! We all individually sit down with a core staff member and evaluate several areas of competency: motivation, technical competence, emotional maturity/ability to adjust, cultural respect/awareness, language, health, safety and security. I am pretty sure as a group we all did well, although PC is very good at keeping confidence and it would be very private if there were issues…but I think it would be obvious.
It was Carl’s birthday, a PCT. He turned 70! A small restaurant many of us frequent gave him a snow cone kind of dessert with candy on top…so very sweet and so very Thai!
Kyle, another PCT, gave a computer workshop, sharing his excellent skills with those of us not quite so techy. You can probably guess, most attendees were the older crowd! If there are photos attached to this blog and the previous one, then I retained something. Thank you Kyle!
Sunday I toured with my Thai Family. We visited the National Museum, ruins where every Buddha’s head was cut off by the Burmese Army when they sacked this area of Thailand around 700 years ago (I think), and the Floating Market. Met an English author who writes for Lonely Planet. He has been in Thailand for 7 years and is thinking about studying Thai!

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