Sunday, February 6, 2011


Thai Day was soooo fun! The ajaans did traditional Thai song, dance, and musical instruments and then a spoof on the song, New York New York. Too funny! They also fed us a Thai traditional meal. The PCTs all presented skits on their region of the USA and presented a Thai food dish. CA is fortunate because we have Chris, a talented musician who made up a song for our presentation. The women wore their pasins, think sarong, with a top. All Thai women have pasins worn to the shower, around the house in the evening, and around your village near your house. Sisunee did not think it appropriate so she gave me a beautiful traditional Thai outfit so I would be ready for the next time! So sweet and such a Thai thing to do!
After Thai Day, the PCTs in my tambon were all invited to the gam non’s house for his mother-in-law’s birthday. Of course we ate again, notice a theme! The gam non is the head pu ya bon (village head) for the tambon and a very big deal. It was like a party at home (the scotch and vodka corner was popular with a group of the ladies), but everyone sits on the floor. Also, for the most part, the ladies were inside and the men outside.
Next, we went to the Agricultural Market which was in the next big city. You may notice, I never give you city or village names. This is a PC request and is a safety and security issue. This market did not have the variety of kinds of things for sale, but had an amazing array of meat, seafood, and produce. Big tubs of shrimp you bought fresh and BBQed on the spot. We had a feast tonight with BBQed chicken, BBQed shrimp, mussels, corn on the cob, and a few Thai dishes. My readers must be thinking I am gaining a ton of weight. No scale! But I think I have lost some with all the bike riding (and no alcohol) and I am working hard to moderate the intake. With so much good food readily available, it could be a disaster…
My family’s second daughter, who lives in Bangkok, visited today with her daughter and two nieces. So cute!! Everyone is spending the night – a big slumber party on the floor.

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