Sunday, February 6, 2011

1-30-11 Sunday

PCVs have an expression – Thai knapping. You think you are going somewhere for an hour and get back 6 hours later. Our trip to the market ended up at the ruins, a beautiful Wat, and a traditional Thai outdoor market – first day I have seen foreign tourists. The ruins are 2,000 year old temples and quite beautiful. One Buddha lying on his side must have been 30 feet long. Buddhists buy gold flake on a piece of paper and rub it on the statue. The temple was the location of the Abbot, the area’s head monk. It was part tourist attraction and part spiritual center with many people present making merit and listening to monks’ chanting. I made merit by attaching a 20b to a banana tree. The traditional Thai market had Thai hand crafted goods as opposed to the typical outdoor market with more modern items (wicker hampers instead of plastic ones). I am avoiding buying stuff just yet as I will have to move it all in about a month, patiently waiting!!
Part of every tourist area seems to include feeding animals. I have fed an elephant, turtles, and all kinds of fish, huge catfish!

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