Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sounds of Thailand (at least the area I am living)

My favorite is the birds (excluding the roosters!). You hear them at all hours making very distinct chirps, cheeps, coos, tweets and many I simply cannot describe. It is very typical for Thais to have caged song birds and to compete in contests for the best ones. We have one. There is one bird that makes a very loud noise (something like ) at night that sounds like it is in my room. Deborah, PCT, lives in an area with hundreds of nesting storks. You turn down her dirt road and are instantly surrounded by an amazing chorus. Geckos also make sounds and I hear them throughout the night, doing their job eating the bugs. One lives in my room and is very much appreciated. At night there is a cacophony of crickets (think Washington DC in the summer) and frogs. A cat had kittens in a protected section of our roof and I hear them mewing at night.
My least favorite is the dogs, which is sad for me. At night they fight and howl and cry loudly. In the village they are pretty much left to fend for themselves so they are fighting for food and mates. I don’t much like the roosters either, who start crowing around 4 a.m. and continue until morning and occasionally you hear them throughout the day.
Then there are the man made noises. Monks chanting is the most peaceful and very prevalent. Motorcycles, trucks, and buses traverse tiny roads at high speeds beginning in the early morning and making lots of noise. School bells and announcements are very loud, even the Thais hold their ears. Vendors selling from numerous vehicles have loud speakers announcing their wares. I saw one live show on Thai history and again the narrative and music was so loud, everyone was holding their ears.
I am amazed, at night I have learned to sleep through most of it!
PS I think I have learned to include photos in my blog however the current issue is lack of adequate internet to download them!

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