Sunday, February 6, 2011

1-23-11 Sunday

We went to the Wat this morning - Sisunee, Hart, and the oldest daughter up from Bangkok. Took lots of food, baht (Thai money) and also bought a gift basket, all to give to the monk. We sat with the monk for about half an hour. Lots of conversation, some chanting with my family repeating the chant, incense burning, and a blessing. The monk dips a wicker hand broom of sorts into holy water and shakes it over you. There were lots of similar gifts in the room.
In the afternoon, I went to a mall with some PCTs and one of the host families. It was huge with lots of people and things for sale everywhere. Many American companies (McDonalds, KFC, A & W) were there. One of my goals was banking. It was very difficult and we needed a passport to change $, something we were unaware of. Lots of unhappy PCTs as it was a trek and we are not sure when we can get back.

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