Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eating Thai Revisited

Ants and eggs

So sometimes not looking just doesn’t work! I had heard about the local delicacies of sticky rice (kaao niao), fermented fish (pla ra), raw beef with blood (larb nua), insects, and spicy green papaya salad (som tam). Som tam is very delicious if you can get it mai pet, but it is typically served so spicy even the Thais cry. The raw beef is about the only dish that the PC doctor says stay away from. It is served frequently in my home and at lunches. It hasn’t been a problem to avoid it. The fermented fish is not my favorite, but mixed with rice isn’t too bad. It has a very strong flavor. Kaao niao is sticky rice which about triples the calories so I tend to avoid. Both kinds of rice are served in my home. Always white rice. I have seen brown rice in the markets in cities, but never seen it served in a home or a restaurant. It will be my choice when I get my own home (some day!!). I thought I was ready for the insects and had convinced myself I could do it. But the time came and well some of them were still alive and they were clearly beetles in one case and red ants with their eggs (makok) in another and I just decided my life in and out of PC would be just fine thank you without insects in my diet. The Thais understand that most people don’t eat bugs and have no problem with me not doing so.

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