Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Weekend

I was looking forward to my first weekend off really since I have been in Thailand, or so I thought! Saturday was lovely. I took a long bike ride before it got too hot, ran some errands, lunch on my own, a visit to the dalat to bring fruit home to the family, and quick easy conversations with people in the town. Sunday morning, as I was putting on my bike helmet for a repeat performance, Boom from my office arrived to take me to a meeting. No notice, not even anything I missed from not knowing the language, just no notice. I said when, she said right now, I said 5 minutes to change. And off we went to not just one meeting, but two and lunch! On the one hand it is always good to meet new people, on the other; they do see me keep a calendar and those of you who know me know my attachment to my calendar. This first month, I will go everywhere asked, however the second month I will start to set some limits.
You all know the stereotypical small town, where everyone knows your name and your business. That is clearly the case in my town. As Boom and I were driving to our first meeting, she announced that on Saturday I rode my bike out of town, went to the post office, had a phone conversation in the parking lot (a nice chat with Tiney!), ate ice cream, and bought fruit at the dalat! I do stand out, but jeez, the detail was amazing!!

Pictures with the farang are always a priority!

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