Monday, April 4, 2011

Kruu Rath

First day of tutoring today with my oh so wonderful tutor, Kruu Rath. She has been teaching and tutoring English for 20 years and is a lovely person. Today we worked at my office, but we will also work at her home. She has an outdoor classroom set up next to the lake and a forest of bamboo. I think even on the hottest day there will be a breeze.
After tutoring she and her husband (a Social Studies teacher) took me to the nearest city an hour away. I am beyond excited because I got an air card for my computer. This blog will be my first test. We also visited the stationery store and Tesco Lotus. I loaded up on candy for my class and fruit for my family.
PS Referring back to the blog, The Weekend, Boom showed up tonight at 8:30 unannounced to take me to another meeting. Even I was flabbergasted! I had showered and was knitting Steve’s scarf (finished Thom’s last week Em/Dody) in my PJs. Quick change and off we went to another community meeting where I understood next to nothing and again introduced myself. After an hour, a couple of villagers took pity on me, or maybe also just wanted to leave, and walked me home. Tomorrow, Boom and I are having a meeting with my calendar!!

Boom! She looks so harmless, but maybe there is a reason for that nickname!

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