Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thai names

One of my challenges! Along with the Thai language, remembering Thai names is difficult. The good news is everyone has chuu lens, nicknames, and usually that is the name they go by. Nicknames are typically short, one syllable words of common objects and animals in the community and are given at birth. I have a chart on my desk with the photos and nicknames of people in my office. Examples include rot (car), glaui (banana), gao (9), and mai (means about 5 things including no). In Uthai, where we did PC training, every little boy on my street had Heart as a nickname and yes, they were spoiled!
Last names aren’t used too often and years ago did not exist. As the country became less agrarian and more developed, last names were given to everyone. They are a series of short syllables such as kiatsuphimol, nakruang, and sawatdipanich. First names are just as complicated from my perspective.
My chuu len is doc care – it is a beautiful white flower and can be eaten!

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