Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have a house! It was almost derailed by ghosts. But I convinced the locals (mostly my host family) that I was not afraid and I move next weekend.
That is the very short story. After looking at 17 houses (I think that may be a PC record) and losing the one I really liked (something about taxes), I was thrilled to find another I liked. Had a chat with the landlord and he was going to call and let me know. He called and said NO, that a family member was moving in. I was devastated, particularly when they then showed me a garage to live in…
I was pretty sure I was missing something with my lack of language and even more important lack of understanding of the layers of Thai communication. Soooo, I had a chat with my balat and told her I really wanted that house and maybe if I offered to pay more and/or do my own upgrades (water in the kitchen and a western toilet) they would reconsider. Wink, wink, a series of phone calls and I was told he would let me know. I even went toilet shopping that afternoon. As we were running errands, our last stop turned out to be the landlord’s house (I never really know where I am going next). The landlord, his wife and my group (4 of us) had a long excited talk (I quietly listened) and I was pretty sure by the tones and facial expressions, I was not getting the house. Then, my balat looked at me and said the house was mine, original price, and he was doing the upgrades. Go figure! I have no idea what happened.
So I tell my host family. They are happy I will only be 1 block away.
And then it got interesting. They visited my house and it turns out it is haunted and they said that I couldn’t live there. They got the nayok involved and lots of others (having no connection whatsoever to me or my house) and started a campaign against me in that house. The builder of the house did not have it properly blessed, he moved in, and died. I offered to have it blessed or even put a spirit house in front, they were not impressed. My exercise teacher and community leader and new neighbor, came to my rescue. She said the house was fine and she would watch out for me. END OF STORY! I gotta get in before something else happens. Nothing is easy in Thailand!

This will be my kitchen, honest!

Combo Thai-western style bathroom.


  1. Love the pictures! So glad it's yours. Can't wait to see it in person soon!! :)

  2. Finally had a chance to catch up! Looking forward to the "AFTER" pix of your house! The sparkle in your eyes are there in the photos -- so glad all is proceeding in such a positive (yet at time so 'outside the box') kind of way! Love, Ellen (Miller)

  3. Your house is adorable Karen! So jealous! I can't believe there were so many houses available in your village. We are still looking for one for me. congrats!

  4. Your adventures furnishing it will be epic. Will you be living alone? Do you live in a monsoonal region? If so, that will be fun.

  5. Your house looks very cute. I can't wait to see the photos after you move in. How will your kitchen work I am wondering :)

  6. Appreciate the comments! And this is not the end of the surprise. Monks (5 because 9 won't fit!) are coming next Tuesday (because the horoscope says that is a good day to move)to bless my house. My office is feeding them and all guests and moving my furniture and me in that day. I will take photos!
    Yes Linda, the rainy season starts in June, we will see!
    Lynn, I still have to buy a frig and stove (will most likely get propane), no ovens in Thailand (at least not in rural areas). I bought a counter and cabinet. I am excited to have a kitchen and finally make my own food choices.