Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wai Naam! (Swimming)

Always an adventure in Thailand! I thought I was going swimming with my friend Eid and her 2 kids for a couple of hours on Sunday. Turns out it was a party consisting of Eid’s family (her husband is a policeman) and 4 other policemen and their kids. First we went to the pool, about a half hour drive. We got there, got settled in a thatched roof cabana and 10 minutes later it was decided the pool was too small. So, everyone packed up, loaded the pickups and headed to the river, about half an hour away. Thai kids are soooo patient!
The River Chi is lovely and is the longest river in Thailand. Good news/bad news, I learned after our trip that there are leeches! I am happy to report, none spotted. We spent the day in a thatched roof cabana built over the river and enjoyed the water, the kids, and of course the food!

A relaxing afternoon!

Cabanas on the water, cool breeze, and lots of food!

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