Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eating Thai Style

Some ideas for you next time you eat at a Thai restaurant. First, no knives. A spoon in your right hand to eat with and a fork in your left to scoop onto your spoon. Rice in the middle of your plate and take small helpings of the food in the middle of the table. You can use your fingers for things like fried chicken however you break pieces off without bringing the whole thing to your mouth. No napkin in your lap. There will be napkins (or toilet paper) on the table to use as needed. When you walk in say Saw Wa Dee Ka or if you are a guy you say Saw Wa Dee Krap – both mean hello. You wai at the same time, bringing both hands together like in prayer and touching your forehead as you bow slightly, very formal! After you have eaten you can say Arroy mak mak Ka (krap), Cop kun ka (krap) which means that you liked it very much, thank you. When they start talking back to you in Thai, you can say Put pasa Thai nit noi! (I speak Thai very little) I use that a lot. Let me know how it goes.
A Thai meal always has white rice with several additional dishes. Usually fish, pork, vegetables and maybe chicken and/or beef all with varying degrees of pet (spicy). Work and my home stay family are very conscious of serving some items either mai pet or pet nit noi! I don’t always recognize everything served, but I try everything (sometimes I don’t look!). Fruit is typically dessert and my favorite!

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