Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Health Volunteer Day! (Saturday)

Over 1,000 people in the park on a cold, wet, and windy day (Thailand is still having very unusual weather) not really listening to very long speeches by dignitaries. Bobby and I introduced ourselves, we are quite the curiosity. Lots of plaques and recognition as apparently this amphur leads the nation in the number of health volunteers. It is a great system where volunteers man the health stations and take care of basic first aid and do public health activities and education, including Thai massage! I am excited for Thai aerobics and the massage. The event was still going strong at noon as we left to have lunch with the congressman, amphur head, district chief, and local mayors.
I had lots of visitors all day once I got home, something I need to get used to! I think the nayok’s 2 kids were sent by him to make sure I wasn’t lonely or getting into any trouble. They stayed and stayed…so sweet and helpful….Rosetta Stone can wait another day – how very Thai of me!!

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