Thursday, March 31, 2011

English Class

First class today for the Tessabaan staff and it was fun! A relief to get the first one under my belt. I gave them a survey regarding what they wanted to learn and we started with greetings and introductions and some cultural information. They were surprised that you should not ask someone’s age or talk about their weight…two common topics here. We also shook hands and compared to the wai. Wai-ing is much more frequent than shaking hands. Pretty much every morning when you greet someone older than you, you wai them…I get wai-ed a lot! Thais like to have fun so every class will have lots of activities. And by the way, Americans aren’t the only ones who are competitive. Four teams vied for first place with vigor! We’ll see if 20 show up again next Thursday when we tackle professional/technical language; a tougher topic.
And the winners…


  1. Looks like you are fitting into a culture where one's fit is very important. Released 2 hummers on Friday, the 1st. Gave them their instructions the night before.
    These reports are wonderful.

  2. Congratulations! I remember fondly watching you bid farewell to your hummers. So glad you are still their mama!