Monday, March 28, 2011

The Office

It is pretty laid back, Thai style, which will be a challenge for me. A happy volunteer is a busy volunteer! A typical example is the English class I will be teaching beginning this week. It is 2 hours on Thursday afternoons. To begin, I wanted to survey the staff to see their background in the language and what they wanted out of this class. My counterpart thought we should just chat for 2 hours. I explained that I needed more structure to teach a 2 hour class. It was a minor (major even) miracle that I finished the survey, got it translated, approved, copied and distributed electronically and on paper on my timeline…no Thai time for me! I have found great resources on line for fun activities to teach English.
Hope everyone is well!


  1. Good luck with your class! Can't wait to hear about it. And the little ones will be so lucky to have you, the flannel stories were the best! xo

  2. Thanks KayKay, I should have brought ours with me! But alas, they are in storage...