Friday, March 4, 2011

First Trip to Bangkok

Finally, we get to Bangkok! The PC Office is beautiful and the PCV lounge an excellent resource for the volunteers. There is internet access (down when I was there!), a TV, shower, lending library, lots of travel resources, and just a safe place to hang out while in BKK. The only restriction is no spending the night. We stayed at a very nice hotel and explored BKK…finally a glass (or 2!) of wine and just relaxing with friends. It had been a while. BKK is a large, hot, crowded, Asian city with a mix of old and new, poor and very wealthy. Traffic was awful! Amazing many storied malls with every American shop you can imagine. Several of us had lunch at Charlie Brown’s, a fabulous Mexican restaurant owned by an Englishman, go figure! I highly recommend if you get to BKK.
Everyone figured out transportation and headed out to their sites the next day. Lots of excitement mixed with nervousness. I took a van for 10 hours overnight. Very uncomfortable with a crazy van driver. Arrived with 3 other PCTs to Susan’s house, a PCV finishing up her 2 years next month. She and Heidi, also leaving soon, showed us the life of a PCV in Thailand. They were both very successful and glad to have had the experience.

Bridge in BKK

PC Office

PC Medical Clinic and PCV Lounge

Dinner Out in BKK

PC World Map Project

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