Thursday, March 10, 2011

A PC Kind of Day

A cloudy morning turned into thunder showers as we finished school for the day. After waiting around for 20 minutes or so it was clear this storm wasn’t going anywhere and most of us took off on our bikes (some who ride a long way opted for the PC van). To avoid the dirt roads, Pat and I took the long way home and rode 3 miles in a thunder storm. No matter which direction we rode, we faced the wind! Other than soaked and tired, an uneventful journey. Those hardy souls (fools? or just young!) who stayed on the dirt paths ended up carrying their bikes and caked in mud. The only scary part was the lighting as we rode next to the canals.
Once I got home I was entertained by the local wild life. The cat had fun chasing the baby frogs who come out in droves in our house when it rains. Then she had a fight with the stray cat that lives in our ceiling (coming down occasionally with its very cute kitten) over the mouse scurrying across the floor. And now as I am considering sleep, the rain is beating on the tin roof and causing the mangos to fall heavily right over my bed. The good news is the rain may drown out the usual night noises of critters in the walls and the ceiling. I am sure any day they will break through and I will finally see what actually lives with me!

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