Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Week of Training

Everything is winding down as we say good bye to our ajaans and all the local people who patiently helped us as we learned how to be a PCV. A disappointment for me, but not a surprise, is that I did not pass my language test at the level needed for my job. The Language Proficiency Index is an international standard. In Thailand, the TCCO group (teacher trainers) need to pass at Novice High (my score) and the CBOD (community workers and my group) need Intermediate Low. As a result, I have to commit to a language tutor, which was my plan anyway. The bummer, besides not passing, is that at Reconnect, when we all get together in 3 months, I have to take it again. Final review is later this week with the BKK staff which is a formality as they go along with the recommendation of the training staff. I think everyone got the go forward. They still marvel at our group that everyone is still here. By now, usually at least 10% have left.
Please let me know if you have any particular topic you want to read about and if I have any knowledge I will share and hopefully not make up too much stuff! I get that from KayKay!!!!


  1. Karen -- So sorry about the disappointing test results --however I am impressed with Novice high! Good luck with your final review. Is it weird hearing from us in Newport -- considering how different the life is that you are now leading? I feel so compelled to write! xoxo Ellen

  2. Glad they didn't kick you out of the country...I guess they still want you w/with out mad language skills! Share away I say.....
    Latest Seal Beach news - Adi is going to SDSU! She committed today with her water polo coach. (A woman, by the way) Margarita's all around!

  3. Congrats to Adi! I imagine she is happy to have made the choice, a good one! Happy empty nesting!!!

  4. Sometimes I look around and marvel how different life is. Like when something pooped on my foot from inside the ceiling last night and I just got a glimpse of something scurrying away, I know not a pretty picture! Love to hear news from home and so good to hear from you!!

  5. Hello Karen,
    Your blog showed up in my "News" folder. What a gift! Tell me all about the birds and orchids you observe. I am knee deep in hummers right now and will be releasing some soon. They will have their flight plan and communication orders per our earlier conversations. Also, tell me about elephants. Ernie was in Thailand many years ago and visited a camp where they were being trained for work in the teak forests. And pythons, he had an amazing encounter with one.
    At this end,I will keep you posted about Classical Underground.

  6. The birds are amazingly beautiful and make such different sounds than SoCal. They are very difficult to photograph. Also, a lot of them make night time as it is cooler! Orchids are gorgeous (and cheap!) and it is typical to have them hanging in the homes. So many colors. Glad your hummers are coming along. I love that you do that. What a gift from you! Elephants are limited where I am and I think where I am going. I hope to get to Chaing Mai where I believe there are many more. Around here it is mostly in tourist areas and kind of a bummer! All snakes have been smaller, gratefully, but I have heard stories about snakes and spiders. I am pretty sure in the next 2 years I will have some sort of encounter. Enjoy CU and my love to all!